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Frank Steer was an experienced and well-respected speaker and seminar and workshop leader.  His wide and extensive knowledge of logistics was highly valued, especially when linked to performance improvement with his background as a European leader on quality and performance improvement.

Frank was a military logistician with 34 years experience worldwide supplying troops on operations.  He spent three years as the Head of Spares Purchasing during which time he raised spares availability to record levels and made great strides in linking commercial priorities with military requirements.

Topics on which he was able to offer guidance included:

  • Understanding how military operations and commercial logistics differ
  • Managing the risks in military logistics
  • How new technologies will impact the military logistics environment
  • Partnering between defence and industry to increase capability and readiness
  • Adopting commercial strategies to re-engineer military logistics
  • Contract management: aligning business goals and objectives
  • Building trust between the industry and defence
  • Establishing basic principles and guidelines for commercial involvement

Quality Assurance
As past Director General of the Chartered Quality Institute, Frank comments: "British companies have still failed to grasp the importance of quality management and we are extremely concerned at the number of UK organisations which operate no defined system at all. High standards of quality are the driving force behind competitiveness, so quality needs to be an integral part of an organisation's culture and led from the top. We are particularly concerned that senior respondents are not aware of the systems that they do operate." 


Books & Videos
by Frank Steer
Arnhem - The Fight to Sustain
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Arnhem - The Landing Grounds and Oosterbeek
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Arnhem - The Bridge
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British Campaigns: The Western Desert (VHS)
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Arnhem - A Bridge Too Far (VHS)
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